YALSA Nonfiction: Eligibility

This week, eligibility for the YALSA Nonfiction Award!

Once again, this is from the YALSA website: “The YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults shall be awarded annually to the best nonfiction title published for young adults during the preceding November 1 – October 31 year. The Award will be given to a title that honors a work for subject, treatment and accessibility to young adults.” It’s really important to remember that year, as people wonder whether to nominate a title or why wasn’t a title nominated.

Some specifics: “All print forms of nonfiction are eligible for consideration, including graphic formats.” Hm…. I wonder, as ebooks grow and evolve, whether this will need to change.

The title must have been designated by its publisher as intended for young adults who are defined as persons between the ages of twelve and including eighteen.” “Young adults” is, in libraryland, pretty much a specific designation to accurately reflect the age we serve. It’s a term of art; and, as often with such terms, it has a different meaning in the “real world.” It’s also interesting in that I think most of those we serve wouldn’t use this term. Still, given that “tween” isn’t accurate and “teen” includes those who are 19 and excludes those who are 12, what other term is there? Also, note it’s also about what the publisher designates.

The title must include excellent writing, research, presentation and readability for young adults.” Excellent….

Titles from a series may be considered on their individual merits.”

If no title is deemed sufficiently meritorious, no award will be given that year.” I am giggling at this one, as I believe it’s in every ALSC/YALSA Award policies and procedures, and really? Really? A year without even one title of merit?

The chair, with assistance from designated YALSA staff, is responsible for verifying the eligibility of all nominated titles.” Checking dates and publishers once, twice, thrice.

And, finally, “The award will be presented to the author(s) of the winning and honor titles at a ceremony at an ALA or YALSA conference.” Right now, as discussed earlier, this occurs at the Midwinter Meeting.

Next week: Sh! Don’t Tell! We’ll be talking confidentiality.


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