YALSA Nonfiction: Calendar Part II

Now, to continue with the YALSA Nonfiction Committee Calendar, this time from July to January.

Again, all the information is from the YALSA Website.

July, August, September, October: “Committee reads, suggests and discusses titles [keeping in mind that only one book will be the winner].  Committee continues to nominate titles.” I like the reminder that only one will win!

November: “Nominations close the first week of November.” Nominations have to close at some point, and since the eligibility year ends October 31, this makes sense. “Up to three nominated titles from committee members sent to chair; list compiled and sent back to committee.” Reading and discussing only gets one so far; nominations are now what matters most. And, for the next year’s committee, “New committee begins work for next award.”

Mid November: “Conference call held to discuss nominated titles.” My interpretation of this one: “do not schedule a vacation where there is no phone access in November.”

Late November: “Conference call to vote on short list.” My interpretation: “while eating turkey, you’ll be arguing final five. Hope your family understands.”

Early December: “Publish annotated short list.” Deep breath. I think announcing that short list will be as nerve wracking as what happens next, which is . . .

ALA Midwinter Meeting: “Decide on winner, which will be announced at the Youth Media Awards Press Conference. The entire list of committee nominated titles will be released at this time as well.” Winner is announced; and for the past few years, the same night as the announcement is when the winner is celebrated. If you go to the Midwinter Meeting, do you usually stay Monday night? And the entire list of nominated titles being released is a way for people to learn about other quality nonfiction for young adults, especially since Best Books for Young Adults is no more.

Next week: Eligibility!


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