YALSA Nonfiction: Committee Members

This week, the Committee Members for the YALSA Nonfiction Award. Pretty timely, because YALSA election results just came out telling us some of the people who will be on next year’s Committee: Ruth Allen, Angie Manfredi, Judy Nelson and Laura Pearle.

The current Committee: Jennifer Hubert, Chair; Mary Burkey; Betty Carter; Elizabeth A. Burns; Diane Colson; Megan Fink; Pam Spencer Holley; David Mowery; and Mary Anne Nichols; with John Sexton, Administrative Assistant; Dan Kraus, Booklist consultant; and Nichole Gilbert, Staff Liaison. 

So how is the Committee put together? From the YALSA website: “The Committee shall consist of a chair, eight members, a Booklist consultant, and an administrative assistant if the Chair requests. The Chair and four members will be appointed by the President-Elect of YALSA. The remaining four members will be elected by the membership of YALSA.”

So, half voted on; half appointed.

How long is someone on this Committee? “Members serve a fifteen month term with a possible extension depending on the timing of the award ceremony. Some members will be elected in May and some appointed in the following months. Committee members will begin reading titles to be published beginning November 1 of that year. The announcement of winners will take place at the Midwinter fifteen months from that point.”

What is required of a Committee member? “All members are required to attend all Award Committee meetings held during the selection process. In the event a member is unable to complete her/his term, the President of YALSA shall appoint a replacement from among qualified YALSA members. At least the first two rounds of the awards process will consist of members appointed by the YALSA President before members are elected to the committee.”

What does the Chair do? “The chair is a voting member of the committee with all the rights and responsibilities of other members. In addition, the chair presides at all meetings of the committee and serves as a facilitator of both discussion and committee business. As such, the chair must serve as a list owner of an electronic discussion list created through the YALSA office solely for use by the committee, and take responsibility for list maintenance. The chair has sole responsibility for any contact with publishers. The chair is also encouraged to attend the ALA Annual Conference and/or any YALSA event where the Award winner will be honored.”

And the administrative assistant? “In consultation with the Chair, YALSA’s President-Elect may appoint an administrative assistant for the term. The administrative assistant is not a voting member.”

Each YALSA Committee is a bit different, so what is here for the Nonfiction Committee Members is not the same as for others. For example, the Morris Award is all appointed committee members.

Next week: Committee Calendar!

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