Inkpop is “an online community that connects up-and-coming authors with talent spotters and publishing professionals in the teen market. Each month, HarperCollins editors read inkpop’s most popular submissions in hopes of discovering the next big thing in teen lit. The best inkpop writers have the potential to land every author’s dream: a publishing contract. inkpop was conceived and built by editors at HarperCollins Publishers. inkpop caters to the teen writing world and allows members to post books, short stories, essays, and poetry.” (More FAQ).

So, that tells you what Inkpop is and who is behind it!

I had been meaning to do a quick post about Inkpop with a link, and just hadn’t gotten around to it, when I saw this over at GalleySmith: “I’m now one of the proud partners of the fabulous young adult focused writing community Inkpop.  In case you aren’t aware of what it’s all about is let me give you a little background.  Inkpop is HarperCollins‘ “social network for aspiring writers and book lovers”.  Primarily a writing community for amateur YA authors it also boasts robust conversations, the ability to occasionally interact with members of the HarperCollins editorial staff  and there are even some contests thrown in here and there for good measure. What does that mean for Galleysmith you ask?  Well, for one I’ll be pointing out some great pieces of content on Inkpop that might be of interest to my readers.  I’ll post some writing prompts, comment on some of the discussions that are taking place and I’ll review some books.  I may even have a giveaway or two!  You’ll also see me roaming around the Inkpop blog when they share some of my reviews.”

Michelle points out a recent Inkpop challenge, about betrayal (at GalleySmith and Inkpop). Betrayal… I think the hardest thing to understand about betrayal is that sometimes? It’s not about you. It may feel that way; it may feel personal; “how can they do that to me.” And the “to me,” that’s the thing. Often, people are so involved in their own lives that they don’t realize it’s a betrayal. Or the betrayal is not what was intended, it’s just an unfortunate result.

Congrats to Michelle; and thank you, because this will make it easier for me to keep up with what is happening at Inkpop.

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