New York Library Association

File under “blatant self promotion.”

On April 29th, I will be giving the keynote for the New York Library Association YSS Spring Conference! More at the brochure.

I will be talking about about what the future of libraries and youth services might hold – linked to “Pop Goes the Library”. (Further blatant self promotion: along with Sophie Brookover, I wrote a book called Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect to Your Whole Community. Disclaimer: Yes, if you purchase, I get royalties. Interesting point: having authored a book, I am now ineligible for the Morris Award.)


I am both insanely excited and nervous about the keynote. Especially as my competition is “the” wedding. Perhaps I should wear a tiara or fancy hat?

What’s also interesting — how the pop culture landscape of books & children & the future of libraries have changed so dramatically in the past six months. Seriously, every day I change what I’m going to say based on what is in the news that day!

Hope to see you in Rochester!

3 thoughts on “New York Library Association

  1. Liz, will you by sharing your thoughts about what you see as the future of libraries and youth services? I see a lot of information on the future of libraries in general but not specifically services to children and teens.


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