Round Three: Solomon v Trash

Match: The Ring of Solomon (my review) v. Trash

Judge: Karen Cushman

Cushman has wonderful things to say about Trash, calling it a “marvelous story of trust, resilience, perseverance, friendship, and ultimately hope.”

Cushman then examines….

Oh, forget it. I have tried to be clever and coy by not revealing what the judges pick for the matches, to make you click on through.

Cushman has ended this. Because this is what I read today: “And The Ring of Solomon? I must admit I am not a big reader or a big fan of fantasy novels. When I saw early on that A Tale Dark and Grimm and The Ring were both in my bracket, I anticipated I would have an easy time eliminating them.”

Cue groans. Cue fantasy lovers tearing out their hair, moaning and whining on Twitter how yet again, their genre gets no respect.

But then — “This just goes to show you how much I know. And now I publicly shed my credentials as a thoughtful, caring, mature person and reveal my snarky, ironic underbelly.”

Wait, what?

“Woo hoo! The Ring of Solomon! I was gobsmacked. What a book!”

Karen “not a big fan” Cushman, gobsmacked by our djinn. This: “The Ring of Solomon is close to brilliant.”

Do you know what this means? The Big Kahuna final match is going to be Keeper v The Ring of  Solomon, and it is possible that the return-from-the-grave book may be A Conspiracy of Kings. Which means this could be Bartimaeus v. Gen.

Excuse me while I am giddy with anticipated glee, and hope I haven’t jinxed Conspiracy.


3 thoughts on “Round Three: Solomon v Trash

  1. I think I did indeed groan when I got to that line… and then squeed when I read the next! I adore the Bartimaeus books and I am thrilled to see RoS getting such attention (though PTOLEMY’S GATE remains my favorite — one of the best things I have read in the past 10 years, if not longer).


  2. I just saw all my typos from typing this up at 10 last night. Oh, well, fixed now and meanwhile YES Conspiracy is back!!

    This is awesome!!


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