Round Two: Cardturner v Countdown

Match: The Cardturner v Countdown

Judge: Laura Amy Schlitz

Let us be clear about something: all the books in contention for SLJ BoB are good books, or they wouldn’t be here on this list. One may say that a book is not a perfect book, but how often are books perfect? One may say other books are just as good or better.

SLJs BoB is about these books before the judges. Why? It gives the books some extra attention, true, as Amy pointed out in the comments to Mitali Perkin’s Trash decision.

But, it also shows us what people think about books. Not just people; authors, who readers think they “know” because they read their books or blogs or Twitter. Judge Schlitz rightly observes, “It’s likely that what I choose will say more about me than about the books I judged.” Pushing a person to make a decision pushes them to reveal more of themselves.

And what has Schlitz revealed? This amazing definition of what Comedy is:Comedy is a celebration of human resilience.  At its best, it takes the tensions and failures and tragedies of life, and transmutes them. It pulls the threads taut, mending the rift in the cloth. It draws the toxins out. And of course this is tremendously refreshing, because we are surrounded by tensions and failures and tragedies.”


3 thoughts on “Round Two: Cardturner v Countdown

  1. I like her comment about how the winner she selected says more about her than the books itself. I think it’s important to keep that in mind for every review posted on blogs (postive or negative).


  2. Michelle, yes! That’s why one of my pet peeves (lol, I have many) is the idea that somehow, a negative reivew is more honest than a positive one. Often reviews are personal — even being objective, it’s personal as to what one thinks of objective criteria (for example, whether or not a book needs to standalone). Detailed reasoning of why a book works is just as interesting as detailed reasoning of why a book doesn’t.


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