L.K. Madigan

L.K. Madigan, author of Flash Burnout and The Mermaid’s Mirror, died this week.

I knew L.K. Madigan as a reader. I read and enjoyed Flash Burnout; interviewed her for the YALSA Blog; and stood in line to get a copy of The Mermaid’s Mirror signed. As a reader, as someone who knew her through Twitter, I am sad and angry and I cannot begin to imagine what her family and friends are going through right now. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Her husband posted at her blog, including information about a college trust fund for her son. As he explains, “One of Lisa’s wishes is for our son Nate to attend college. To help ensure that dream comes true, a trust fund has been set up to provide for Nathan’s college education.” Checks can be made payable to the Nathan Wolfson Trust and sent to Becker Capital Management, Inc., Attn: Sharon Gueck/John Becker, 1211 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2185, Portland, OR 97204. Donors will be sent acknowledgement letters

From School Library Journal: YA Author L.K. Madigan dies at 47.

Madigan’s friend and agent, Jennifer Laughran, A Very Sad Day and Thank You.

The Oregonian.

GalleyCat: LK Madigan Has Died.

April Henry about the trust fund and the request to please share the information about it; and she also shares some videos of Madigan.

Some bloggers and authors share their thoughts and memories: Green Been Teen Queen, Malinda Lo, Novel Novice, Megan Crewe, Kate Messner, and thanks to Gwenda Bond, I found that Mary Kole at Kidlit.com has a list of links.

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