The Cybils have announced the shortlists!

As a quick recap, Cybils is the Children’s and Young Adult Book Bloggers’ Literary Awards. Books are nominated in the fall in different categories; a panel of bloggers reads those books and creates a shortlist, announced on January 1; a second panel reads those shortlists and picks a winner.

The Cybils Finalists.

Ones with YA titles:

Fantasy & Science Fiction Young Adult shortlist  Of these titles, I have only read one, Ship Breaker; and I have to confess, I’m disappointed that my favorite book of the year is not on the shortlist.

Graphic Novels, Young Adult shortlist Of  these titles, I have only read Yummy (and haven’t reviewed it here yet). Having read it, I’d put it in the middle grade group, actually, but that’s just me.

Nonfiction Books (Middle Grade & Young Adult) shortlist Of these seven titles, I’ve read none of them. 

Poetry shortlist This list includes everything from picture books to young adult. And, I’ve read none of them.

and finally

Young Adult Novels shortlist Since I’ve read none of these books, obviously, my favorite book (that isn’t SF/F) isn’t on the list.

9 thoughts on “Cybils

  1. I too was quite disappointed to see Finnikin of the Rock left out, but I wonder – if it was originally published in Australia prior to the Cybil’s qualification dates, perhaps it wasn’t eligible?


  2. The way it works, is if a 2009 Australian version of FINNIKIN had been nominated in 2009, it couldn’t be renominated in 2010. (That’s over generalizing because Cybils doesn’t use the calendar year.)

    However, FINNIKIN wasn’t nominated then so the US version was eligible and was nominated.

    Interestingly, INCARCERON wasn’t eligible because while it came out in the US this year, it came out last year in the UK and the UK version was nominated last year.


  3. Hi Liz,

    I’m so sorry that your favorite book didn’t make the shortlist. As I’m sure you know from serving on awards committees, often different people have different reactions to the same book. The truth is that there are probably more than seven “best books” in each category, and a different group of people would probably have picked different books. These are the books that this group felt were the best books all things considered. (Talking about differing opinions, our discussion on Mockingjay, which also didn’t make the final list, was quite interesting).

    As for Incarceron, not only was it previously nominated from the UK edition, but it was actually a finalist in 2007, so it got lots of love from the Cybils.


  4. Sheila, I knew it was a previous year and that the nomination process quickly let people know about eligibility etc.

    And part of the fun for this is sitting back and trying to figure out “what the heck were they thinking?!”

    I look forward to seeing what happens with the shortlists.


  5. I’m excited that the YA shortlist is going to have me reading books I may not have ordinarily picked up! I’m halfway through the nominees already and it’s some good reading! I hope you get to pick a few of them up. 🙂


  6. Heck, my favorite didn’t make the list (for YA Fiction), and I’m one of the panelists! But I feel good about the ones that did, and I’m glad I’m not a Round 2 judge who has to pick just one of them.


  7. You should def read Borrowed Names, Liz. It’s kind of strange that I’ve read more from the poetry list than anything else, because I’m not into poetry, but I liked all the others I read, too: Dark Emperor Ubiquitous, and Mirror Mirror.


  8. Michelle, the past week has been a haze of ALA prep. Hopefully when I get back.

    Ami, part of what I love about the Cybils is the working through the process, including getting to lists. Isn’t it funny how a favorite may not make the list, but it shows, I think, the commitment of the panelists to go with the Cybils criteria.

    Wendy, I’ll add it to the TBR pile.


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