Adult Books 4 Teens

School Library Journal has added another blog: Adult Books 4 Teens.

As explained in its debut post, “The Adult [Books] 4 Teen blog was created to replace the School Library Journal print column, Adult Books for High School Students, last seen over 9 months ago. I’m sure many of you shared my dismay when we realized the column had come to an end. The adult book publishing world releases thousands of general and special interest titles every year. This blog is here to help librarians who work with teens find out about the best books published for the adult market that also have appeal to teen readers. The plan is to provide daily recommendations and reviews, including books in all genres and formats: narrative nonfiction, poetry, graphic novels, thrillers and mysteries, memoirs, fantasy and science fiction, contemporary realism, arts and crafts and more. With very few exceptions, only positive reviews will be published, so you may take the appearance of a review here as a recommendation.”


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