YA Lit Symposium

Today, I leave for the YALSA 2010 Young Adult Literature Symposium.

While I haven’t made up my mind about the programs I will be attending, I signed up for three extras.

First, the Friday preconference Meet Them Where They Are and Open the Door: Urban Teens, Street Lit, and Reader’s Advisory.

Second, the Bill Morris Memorial Author Luncheon featuring Vaunda Micheaux Nelson.

Third, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center which includes a tour. 

Are you going to be there? It’s always fun to meet up in person! I’ll be online at Twitter at LizB. The hashtag is #yalsalit10

3 thoughts on “YA Lit Symposium

  1. I introduced myself to you there – I was the one reading the Betsy-Tacy book :-). It was nice to meet you, and I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for pointing me to so many good books!


  2. Anne, I’ll be working on it this weekend! & Nice to see you again.

    Michelle, how are you loving the betsy-tacy books? because of course they must be loved. & great to meet you so!


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