Kidlit Con

One week ago, I met Melissa Wiley for the first and hundredth time — first in real life, but it felt like the hundredth in a good way because of all the talking done online. I was having fab talk with people who I only see, at best, once a year at a conference like this. I was meeting people new and old and having a ton of “wait, that’s YOU” moments, but I think I successfully avoided doing that in real life.

As promised, I wrote more about Kidlitosphere Conference 2010. It appeared first in SLJ’s Extra Helping (subscribe here) and is up at Kidlit Con 2010: Building A Real Community.

Over at the Kidlitcon2010 blog, Andrew Karre has a number of round ups:

one of all the blog posts people made reporting on their experiences;

one of the photographs — which actually has a photo of me that I LIKE. My sister just fainted from the shock. Will have to talk to Andrew about getting a copy;

and one of the presentations — so far, more people have viewed the presentation that Pam Coughlan (Mother Reader), Jen Robinson (Jen Robinson’s Book Page) and Sarah Stevenson (Finding Wonderland) and I did than were at the conference. If you have any questions about that presentation, let me know.

Also, Greg Pincus was not there in body but followed along via Twitter and put together a transcript of the tweets.

6 thoughts on “Kidlit Con

  1. I know Seattle will be tough. I’m hoping I can make it, but eek, the airfare.

    But NYC! Just a train trip away! Hopefully you can make that one!


  2. The presentation the four of you did was my favorite of all.

    I doubt I’ll make it to Seattle, but will definitely be at the one in NY in 2012 – train ride away for me, too!


  3. toby, thanks! & I love how we are already planning for 2012, when I’m not even sure what I’m doing for thanksgiving 2010.


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