KidlitCon 2010

Tomorrow, I leave for KidlitCon!

Registration is available onsite, so if you’re not sure about attending, please come!

I can be really, really, really bad with names. I may know your Twitter handle but blank on your real name, or know your blog but not know what you look like. So when we meet in person, please be patient! I call it the “oh, OH” reaction. A name is said, wait a beat… wait a second beat… OH, you’re YOU!

My icon photo is pretty much what I look like, except with glasses.

I’m looking forward to saying “hi” in person!

7 thoughts on “KidlitCon 2010

  1. Oo, I’m wishing I were going this year again. But I spent my wad on the Horn Book Colloquium in Boston this year. Do you know where KidLitCon will be next year? If it’s closer, with cheap flights…. Of course, last year I didn’t even need a flight or a hotel — but that did get me hooked!

    One thing I loved about it was that it was cool to meet so many kidlit bloggers — then when I saw some of you at ALA, I knew who you were. And the connections continue….


  2. Sondy, I think locations for 2011 and 2012 may be announced.

    Margo, I’ll be arriving around then, too! I’m looking forward to meeting you & Anne.

    Michelle, you will be missed!


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