Your Favorite YA Book Blogs

There are so many different types of Young Adult Book Blogs out in the book blogosphere!

Some are written by teenagers.

Some are written by people who are no longer teens.

Some are written by librarians, some by teachers, some by readers.

Some are about a personal reader reaction.

Some are about booktalking or handselling that book to other readers.

Some are reviews.

Some are critiques.

Some are book discussions.

Some hold contests to give away books.

Some interview young adult authors.

Some are by young adult authors.

Many blogs are a combination of things — part reader, part booktalking, part critique, part discussion.

Due, in part, to my recent forced migration to Google Reader, I am about to add more YA book blogs to my reading. So, what blogs do you recommend? And why? Please leave the blog name and a short “why this is a must read.” The URL, also, please (I think WordPress allows that); and also a Twitter handle, if they are on Twitter.

Yes, you can name your own blog. Yes, you can name more than one blog.

Yes, I will put all those blogs together in a post next month. If it’s a long list, I’ll do more than one post.

43 thoughts on “Your Favorite YA Book Blogs

  1. I’m self-nominating. While my group-based blog is not solely YA, it’s kind of become that way more and more. We’re fans of the in-depth review, but we offer up quick reviews, too. We’ve gotten into interviewing authors. We talk covers (a lot). We try to find the good in every book, even if we didn’t personally like it. Plus, three voices mean a lot of variety… 🙂


  2. I enjoy Throwing Up Words, which is run by 3 YA authors and some of their closest YA-loving friends. They post reviews, writing advice, and interviews with other YA authors.

    I’m also a fan of the following 3 blogs run by YA authors who review books, talk about writing, and discuss the YA market in general:

    Stephanie Perkins –
    Laini Taylor –
    Shannon Hale –

    Thanks for putting such a list together! I’m excited to see what it looks like in the end.


  3. While I recognize they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I personally love the ladies at Forever Young Adult – I think they do an excellent job of capturing the appeal YA books have for adults, particularly 20 and early 30 somethings. ( and @4everYA).

    I also really enjoy Adele from Persnickety Snark – she had a fabulous Top 100 YA poll earlier this year (based on SLJ’s own Fuse 8’s Top 100 Children’s poll) and she writes more than just reviews – she talks a lot about what she’d like to see as a reader, which I find helpful. ( and @SnarkyWench)


  4. When I was strictly a YA librarian I read all the time, and I checked out quite a few books that were highlighted here, always unusual and interesting. Now that I spend more time overseeing all programming, I’ve stopped feeding this blog, not enough time, but this post reminds me maybe I should check it out again…..

    Will be interested to see other suggestions!


  5. This is a significant other nomination; Diane Talbot teaches 2E (twice exceptional) kids, generally kids with a significant academic or artistic gift AND something unusual going on (autism, ADD, dyslexia, emotional distorders, etc.) Basically smart but strange kids. Her book blog, Exceptional Books for Exceptional Kids, is all about finding ways to get them reading, about which YAs work/don’t work for them, about how reading can engage both their talents and their troubles. And I think it’s pretty cool. With the beginning of the school year, she’s been neglecting it — but I bet if somebody drops by and pays a bit of attention, she’ll get back to it, which will be good for me personally, since I think it’s extremely interesting, and good for libraries, YA, and reading in general, because it’s a severely underserved community.


  6. I like to read:
    Reading In Color because Ari has a great writing voice and her blog has a special focus.
    Ms. Yingling Reads I may not always agree with her, but she reads an astonishing number of books, she is very honest, and she highlights books for middle school students, which is a tough middle ground between “tweens” and “teens”.
    YAnnabe She started the Unsung YA list. Great initiative.
    Dog-eared and Well-read She’s so enthusiastic and genuine about librarianship and ya lit.

    My blog is The Cazzy Files I try to provide readalikes at the end of each review.


  7. Reading in Color: Thoughtful and passionate reviews of YA (and the occasional MG) books by/about people of color, written by a high school student
    Fourth Musketeer: Probably my favorite new blog. All historical fiction, all the time.
    And for good measure, I’m gonna throw in my own: Bookish Blather. Mostly YA reviews, written by a 20-something who desperately wants to work in YA publishing, but for now is settling for blogging.


  8. A book for any age (teen and up) or genre. Did any of you read “a child called it?” If so, you will love this book! You cant stop reading it. It is engaging, hard to believe, thrilling, emotional and walks you through the life of a child to adulthood who must be a survivor. “April was here, leaving my mark” by April O’Brien, is in that elite catagory of books you will never forget, and will leave you wanting so much more. This book wrote itself, I just put the words on paper for all to see. The cover I painted, as I do all my books, but this one is special as it has some of my daughters ashes in it. Look for “Screaming on the inside” an in depth look at Meth and the true effect it has on our children and our country. You can read some of this book on my blog at


  9. I can see tons on this list that are in my feed reader, such great bloggers.
    I suggest:

    I Was a Teenage Book Geek – which is most often about UK YA and she just offers up a fab different selection of books and reviews:
    Dreaming in Books – this is the guys who started made net headlines by talking about being a gay teen and reading, he’s really enthusiastic about books:
    Booksmugglers – they’re awesome and their critique is in depth:


  10. What does it say about me that I cannot wait to put these all together in one post?

    Without saying which ones, about half of these are ones I read and about half are ones I haven’t heard of, so yay, thank you all!

    And yes, keep adding to this post with other suggestions. I don’t plan on posting a round up until October. So until then, add away!


  11. Wow, so many blogs we need to go check out! We cover all genres, but do tend to lean towards YA more – because that’s what we most like to read!

    Three Turtles and Their Pet Librarian –


  12. In addition to _many_ of the ones already listed, I’d like to toss out mentions for:

    Bookshelves of Doom ( Leila Roy, who writes this blog, is an amazingly reliable recommender–if she likes something, odds are very, very good that I will like it too. Also, she’s darn funny.

    The Brown Bookshelf ( They also review MG books and picture books, but they do a lot of YA too. Their focus is on books by African-American authors, and they do a really, really great job of reaching beyond the familiar, award-winning names that everyone already knows.

    3 Evil Cousins ( is one of my favorite book blogs written _by_ teens.


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