YA Fantasy Showdown Winner!

Folks, we have a winner at the YA Fantasy Showdown! Much as I hoped, my book boyfriend won!

I enjoyed reading the showdown very much — a big Thank You to the authors and bloggers who made it possible.

Past posts on my book boyfriend: one, two, three, four.

See, how I don’t give away the winner! I’m almost as clever as my book boyfriend.

7 thoughts on “YA Fantasy Showdown Winner!

  1. Oh yes! That’s who I hoped would win right after reading the names of the contenders. Because I’m afraid he’s my book boyfriend, too! (And I decided to go to the Horn Book at Simmons Colloquium as soon as I heard the author of his books was speaking.) He is awesome!


  2. I have just stayed up until 3am reading all the Fantasy Showdowns. What a brilliant idea, brilliantly executed! And I’m commenting on your site because I discovered it through this post, so therefore it’s all your fault I will be completely sleep-deprived tomorrow!

    Gen vs Howl. Smashing!


  3. Yeah! Of course he’d win! Unfortunately, me, my two best friends and my school librarian all have our hearts set on your book boyfriend, so we may just steal him.


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